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Swissvax CLEANER FLUID PROFESSIONAL REGULAR - Machine polishing compound

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  • Light to medium nano-polish for machine polishers
  • Removes light to medium scratches with higher revolutions on a rotary polisher
  • Removes holograms and swirl marks with low revolutions on a DA polisher
  • Subsequently treat paintwork with a Swissvax wax of your choice
  • Retro-compatible polish (designed for modern scratch-resistant paint but also older paint systems including acrylic paints)

Cleaner Fluid Professional Regular is a modern high-performance nano-polishing compound for the combined use with a polishing machine offering so called "self-adjusting abrasion properties". The Fluid is designed to remove either scratches with the use of higher revolutions (Rotary polisher) or also holograms and swirl marks with low revolutions (DA polisher). Use Cleaner Fluid Professional Regular with a Swissvax polishing pad - Medium, Fine or Ultrafine. Subsequently apply a Swissvax wax of your choice after polishing.

To best apply Cleaner Fluid Professional Regular, choose a polishing machine (rotating or semi-eccentric DA) with variable RPM's. Our specialists are happy to advise you on how to achieve the best results using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional and the different Swissvax Polishing Pads.