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Colourlock Leather / Vinyl Sanitizing Fluid 150ml

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 The hygienic cleaner is a product that reduces bacterial contamination by 90% or more on every surface. It can be applied to leather (pigmented and semi) and synthetic leather (vinyl) without damaging the surface. You can also use it to clean any other surface, such as door handles and light switches, etc. Almost all surfaces, such as metal, plastic, paint and much more. 

Can be used around the home, car and boat.

Normal hand sanitisers contain high concentrations of alcohol which will deteriorate the leather surface and start the oxidisation process. Colourlock sanitisers are designed for leather and will not harm the surface.

Used for high traffic touch points in the car such as steering wheels, door handles, handbrake levers and gear knobs to sanitise effectively.

Since Covid-19 customers are more and more focused on sanitisation and removal of viruses and bacteria from the car interior - Colourlock Leather Sanitizer is the perfect answer.

Made in Germany