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Apex Customs Clarity Ultra Fine Finishing Compound - 500ml

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Super fine finishing compound


  • Removes P5000 sanding marks and finer
  • Show car finish
  • Low dust formulation
  • No fillers or waxes
  • Silicone-free (bodyshop safe)

Perfect for:

  • Black paintwork
  • Soft paint
  • Haze/swirl removal
  • Mirror like finish

Instructions: Work on a cool surface in shade. Shake well. Always work in a 40cm x 40cm area.

Application: Apply 2-3 pea sized drops to a finishing pad. Start on a low-speed setting with the polisher to prime the pad and surface. Increase the speed and allow the weight of the polisher to do the work. Work area in 3-4 passes until compound becomes clear. Remove residue with a clean microfibre cloth.


  • Decontaminate the surface prior to beginning any polishing/compounding
  • Do not over-saturate the pad with polish
  • Clean pads frequently with compressed air or if not available, ensure fresh pads are on hand.
Made in Germany