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This is the new line of water based ceramic coatings that can last up to 6 months and for low km vehicles that are always under cover you may find it lasting longer

 Use this for,

  • You want an easy way to ceramic coat your vehicle
  • Up to 6 months protection with great water beading properties. 
  • ceramic coat your ride with easy application, no experience required
  • Great as a wax or coating booster to improve protection levels
  • Use over a Ceramic Coating as extra strong maintenance
  • Use on paint, wheels, rain repellent and many other uses

For best results we strongly suggest

  • Complete a paint correction with a DA/RO prior to application of +SUPERCHARGED
  • Using OPTiX final boost standard after every wash. OPTiX Final Boost standard is a spray on and rinse off formula. Final Boost is hybrid of synthetic wax and ceramic. Final Boost standard can be used as a spray and rinse method or as a quick detailer. 
  • Use OPTiX Nano spray sealant at the end to get the slickest finish possible

Why Kraft paper packaging? Because we are doing our little bit to reduce plastics.


How to apply +SUPERCHARGED

First wash

  1. Wash car
  2. (whilst car is still wet) apply a liberal amount of FINAL BOOST + SUPERCHARGED on the painted surfaces by using the applicator,
  3. Dry the car using your micro fibre drying towel.
  4. Any high spots can be blended with a microfiber cloth.

Second wash in a week or 2 later

  1. wash car and rinse with clean water
  2. spray Final Boost spray with a fine mist onto a couple panels and rinse off with clean water straight away repeat to all panels
  3. dry with micro fiber towel


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