REFRACT Cabin Clean -  Removes Grime & Marks off Leather, Plastic & Vinyl (Citrus Based)


  • CABIN CLEAN is a powerful leather, vinyl & plastics cleaner that safely dissolves and lifts general grime build-up. It prepares surfaces for greater protectant bond and optimal durability. CABIN CLEAN is a ready-to-use or diluteable (1:3) use formula  designed specifically for vehicle interior surfaces without removing natural oils which can cause cracking and drying.


1. Start by preparing a damp Microfiber Towel
2. Spray CABIN CLEAN onto a Leather & Plastic Scrub Pad pad or Microfiber Flat-Folded Towel and start cleaning the grime in a small section at a time with circle-type motions
3. Wipe-off the surface with your damp microfiber towel & continue
4. Turn the microfiber towel frequently to reveal a clean surface & rinse when necessary
5. Nourish & Protect Leather and Vinyl surfaces on completion with your choice of conditioner


  • Try to avoid spraying cleaners and protectants directly onto surfaces. The over-spray can get onto glass and surrounding areas and can also cause dripping!
  • Use a Detailing Brush to agitate prior to wiping clean.

Made from German Raw Ingredients

Blended at Refract Laboratories LLP Sdn Bhd kuala Lumpur, Malaysia