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Swissvax SINDELFINGEN, Special Carnauba Wax For Mercedes-Benz (40% Vol.)

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  • Our unparalleled know-how, for your beloved Mercedes-Benz
  • Hand made in Switzerland since 1930 for uncompromised quality
  • Named after the town (Sindelfingen) near Stuttgart in Germany where the Mercedes-Benz factory resides - the birthplace of Mercedes !
  • Premium wax developed for optimal results on paintwork systems encountered on Mercedes paintworks (e.g. 1-coat-finish in 2K-acrylic/solid, 2-coat-finish solid/ metallic/mineral, Nano-clearcoats and scratch resistant 3-coat-finishes) offering a 40 Vol. % of pure North Brazilian Ivory Carnauba wax
  • Caters for the care and protection needs of these paints ensuring that your Mercedes shines in splendour and is protected in the best possible way for many years to come
  • Contains natural UV filters 
  • Discover now why Swissvax is the official Global supplier of car care products and waxes to Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Rolls-Royce, Spyker and Lamborghini
  • Can be used on top of any Ceramic Coating, Sio2 Glass Coating or paint protection to add a deeper wet look shine, a smoother silky finish and to provide protection against hard water spotting.

Hand-made and uncompromisingly optimized to all Mercedes paint generations our new Sindelfingen wax offers a durability of up to 1 year and more on Mercedes paintworks (e.g. 1-coat-finish in 2K-acrylic/solid, 2-coat-finish solid/ metallic/mineral, nano-clearcoats and scratch resistant 3-coat-finishes). Containing 40% unbleached Carnauba from north- eastern Brazil by volume, Sindelfingen is pleasantly fast to work with, creates a lustre that will make you speechless with amazement and offers a durable water-repellent lotus effect.

Before Sindelfingen is applied, the paint should be prepared with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid in order to ensure that the paintwork surface is perfectly clean and free of old wax residues and contaminations of old wax, acid rain, tar, insects and other remains and also to ensure that the wax can perfectly bond to the paintwork surface. Perfect preparation is the key to the world famous Swissvax finish.