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Optix Translucent Chemical-Resistant Bottle & Sprayer


Translucent Chemical-Resistant Bottle & Sprayer

This is a tall, narrow, translucent bottle that is resistant to chemicals and is Dangerous Goods Approved (DGA). It makes for an ideal choice when it comes to handling strong chemicals and car care products that might eat away regular plastic bottles. Putting dangerous goods inside a bog standard bottle can be quite dangerous and should consider otherwise.

What To Use It For:

  • Diluting.
  • Keeping dangerous goods inside the bottle.
  • Minimising risk of leaks.


When it comes to concentrates, you are going to need to dilute them. This is a good bottle for diluting your concentrates that are more on the heavy-duty, dangerous side. It is translucent rather than opaque so you can still visualise your product.

Dangerous Goods Approved (DGA)

The key feature of this bottle that sets it aside from the clear plastic ones, is that this is Dangerous Goods Approved (DGA). It is a safe bottle for diluting your heavy-duty dangerous goods where they can frequently eat the undersides of the bottles. Sometimes the clear bottles can get cracks which allows the dangerous goods to get through easier and can be quite messy.

How To Use It:

  1. Simply remove the sprayer from the bottle.
  2. Pour your product in carefully (advise using a safe funnel).
  3. If diluting, only add a certain amount depending on your ratio.
  4. Add water or other product.
  5. Place sprayer back on.

Things To Note:

  • Product Form: Bottle
  • Product Type: Spray Bottle
  • Dangerous Goods Approved (DGA)
  • Sizes: 1L
  • Translucent