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14 Light Hexagon Hexagrid LED Lighting System With Border

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Ready for the hottest garage, detailers shop, or showroom?

The new hexagon/honeycomb LED garage lighting system is here! Fully modular and customizable to fit any space. The outer rectangle and inside hex pattern can be run on independent light switches or combined on one light switch. They are designed to be mounted directly to the ceiling using supplied surface mounts. The LED light spread pattern allows for a clean illumination of the entire area. Perfect for garages, detailers or showrooms where you need an evenly disbursed light.

The latest in Hexagon ceiling lighting is perfect for workshops, detailers and showrooms

This kit is 2 in 1. Outer white boarder PLUS 14 Hexagon lighting kit.

PRO TIP: Looks much better on a dark/black ceiling

Easy DIY fitting. Comes with mounting pads.

240v power supply required

4.8m Long x 2.4m Wide overall dimensions 

Shipping box dimensions: 1.2m Long x 0.3m Wide 

Weight: 8.0kg