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22ple VS1 Final Coat Spray Topper for Ceramic/Glass coatings 250ml

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 The 22ple VS1 Final Coat is a silica-based finishing coat designed to top off any of your 22ple coatings or use it by itself! Spray this coating onto a clean microfiber towel and apply to the clear coat. Lightly buff off any excess with a separate clean microfiber towel and you are all set, it is that easy! This product is a great value as a very little bit goes a long way so one bottle will last you numerous applications. This spray on coating offers a luxurious surface sleekness, extraordinary water beading, added protection against the elements, reduces the likelihood of water etching as well as offering a superior surface scratch resistance. One of the best features of this product is that it will allow you to receive at least several months of protection and when applied on top of your 22ple coatings, it will enhance & prolong the life of this protection! You can also use it as stand alone protection because it's that strong and durable. If you are looking for an easy to apply form of protection, the 22ple VS1 Final Coat is for you!

Application Procedure:

As a finishing coat (after application of ceramic or glass coating)

  • Allow at least 1 hour (3 hours is highly recommended) for initial curing of glass coat to take place
  • If cured with the aid of infra-red light, you may apply VS1 after 15 minutes but do ensure the surface temperature has cooled down to a room temperature.
  • Spray VS1 onto a clean dry microfiber cloth and apply liberally over the glass coated surface
  • Lightly buff the surface with a second plush microfiber to remove any remaining residue of VS1

Made in Japan