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ACTIVE Premium Swivel Pressure Washer Gun

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The Active Swivel Gun is our first Research and Development project into premium detailer centric pressure washer accessories. The development of this product took over 2 years of dedicated research, testing, and design work in collaboration with our partners and customers. The Active Swivel Gun, is designed with Active’s brand identity in mind and takes inspiration from some of the best tools in the category to provide our customers with a premium tool at the best possible value.

This pressure washer gun comes equipped with full 304 Stainless Quick Connects and Integrated internal Swivel connection. The gun valve is a durable brass construction with a stainless metal rod. Considering the external design, the swivel gun has a low-profile angle, rubber grip, low force trigger and ergonomic layout which provides the user with comfort during application.

The swivel gun is rated for a maximum of 5000 PSI operating pressure and 45 LPM of flow at a peak operating temperature of 150°C enabling a broad operating range for any residential or commercial electric and gas-powered pressure washer.

  • The Active swivel gun comes with a 3/8” inlet. In order to use the Active swivel gun with a threaded hose connection, you will require an M22 to 3/8 Quick Disconnect set depending on your pressure washer hose specification of either M22-14mm or M22-15mm.
  • The Active swivel gun comes with a 1/4” quick-connect outlet. This allows easy use and swapping between your nozzles, lance (wands) and foam cannons.
  • The Active Swivel Gun is made to be used with a pressure washer only. The peak temperature is 150°C and the operating peak pressure and flow is 5000 PSI and 45 LPM respectively. This allows a broad operating range for any residential or commercial electric and gas-powered pressure washer.

Product Specifications

Inlet 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel
Outlet 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel
Swivel Internal 304 Stainless Steel Handle Premium TPR Rubber
Peak Pressure 5000 PSI Peak Flow 45 LPM
Max Temperature 150°C 
Min Temperature 5°C
Trigger Lock Yes
Low Force Trigger Yes
Shipping Weight 0.9 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 250 x 250 x 50 mm