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Analan Pet Hair removal tool V2.0

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 Pet Hair a problem? Not anymore with the NEW Analan Pet Hair removal tool 2.0

The Analan Pet Hair Detailer is the best pet hair removal tool to hit the market. 
The 3 sided shape of the tool allows you to fit it in to some of the tightest corners and crevices. It rigid ABS Plastic Shell allows you to grip firmly on the tool and apply some significant downward pressure.
The rubber blade in this tool is a serviceable part and is replaceable.
 Get embedded fur out ---- Quickly and effectively clean the most stubborn animal hair, embedded or trapped pet hair that cannot be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner or the roller, ideal for cars, carpets, upholstery, roof linings, fabric sofas, bed covers, etc. without worrying about scratching Beautiful plastic, wood or chrome nearby

Suitable for curves and gaps of various affected surfaces —— The Pet Hair Detailer adopts a triangular arc design, You can use it easily on various irregular curves and crevices of affected surface. And the two curved surfaces of the pet hair remover can touch the affected surface at the dead corner at the same time, allowing you to clean both surfaces at the same time.

 Three different cleaning modes —— In the design process, we used three different density gear-shaped rubber plates to increase or change the friction between the scraper and the fabric. You can switch between different modes according to your needs to achieve the best cleaning effect.