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Bigboi WashR PRO Pressure Washer 2 in 1 Wall Mount with Hose Reel & Wheelbase

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Designed for the perfect studio or garage professional pressure washer set up!!

The bigboi WASHR PRO WHEELBASE & WALL MOUNT has been designed as a 2 in 1 mount solution. You can mount it to your wall for the professional wall set up or utilise it as a wheelbase. With front extendable arms, the wheelbase will give you the stability you need to keep your set up upright while you unreel your hose.

With its robust metal design & powder coated in a black finish, this 2 in 1 mount has a built-in hose quick connection set-up that allows you to simply connect your existing 13m commercial grade hose to the reel, or you can upgrade the hose length up to 20m. It is designed with no fuss built-in quick connection set up for easy hose removal.

Adding a nozzle and a trigger gun holder makes this a all in 1 solution for the fussiest of detailers-car enthusiasts.

So now you can have a bit of bling, and the performance to go with the look!!! 


  • Top mount reel set up
  • Manual hose reel
  • Hose quick connect built-in
  • Reel supports up to 20m ¼ inch hose
  • Nozzle holders
  • Trigger gun holder
  • Base plate to easy mount the WASHR PRO
  • Water outlet hose included
  • Masonry mounting bolts included
  • Robust rear wheels
  • Extendable front arms for ground stability
  • Wall mount bracket