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OPTiX 3" (75mm) Velcro Palm Gripper (For Hand Polishing or Sanding)

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This handy little palm gripper with hook & loop (Velcro) will grip onto any Velcro backed products from sanding discs to polishing pads

Such a handy little product great for sanding and buffing headlights or paint.

Headlight restorations can be started with 3 inch 1500 grit sanding discs and then finished with a 3 inch polishing pad to restore clarity lost via sanding.

Pillars and bumpers have lots of small areas that this handy Black Gripper can help access with a buffing pad to remove scratches or just give the area a good shine up.

Orange peel removal is another use this handy Black Gripper can help to level the paint because know you can focus on the sanding with a perfect GRIP!

Also available is The Gripper 3 Pad Polishing KIT

The kit comes with the hook & loop hand Gripper and 3 x 3 inch foam polishing pads. Orange for most of the heavier work, the yellow for light polishing and the black for applying waxes or sealants.

OPTiX is fully owned in Australia and made in Australia