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Colourlock Convertible Roof Restoration Dye Kit - Black

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Colourlock Convertible Roof Restoration Dye Kit - For all Fabric and Mohair roofs

With the Cabrio Dye Set, you can dye a faded textile convertible top. The set includes everything you need, from the top cleaner to the dye and final impregnation.

The COLOURLOCK Cabrio Dye Set is suitable for cleaning and refreshing the color of faded and discolored convertible tops.

Step 1: Before preparing the convertible top, a thorough cleaning should be done with the COLOURLOCK Cabrio Top Cleaner. This is a mild cleaner that effectively removes dirt and stains while being gentle on the top. Rinse the convertible top thoroughly to remove any loose particles. If you use a high-pressure cleaner, be sure to keep a safe distance to prevent damage and water from entering the vehicle interior. Caution: Do not let the COLOURLOCK Cabrio Top Cleaner come into contact with the paint. If it dries on the paint, it will leave stains that are difficult to remove. We recommend wetting the paint beforehand and immediately removing any residue or splatters of the cleaner.

Step 2: Apply the COLOURLOCK Cabrio Top Cleaner to the top and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then work it in thoroughly with the COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush.

Step 3: The entire vehicle, including the top, should be thoroughly rinsed. Be sure to remove all residue from the cleaner, as this will affect the impregnation's effectiveness. To ensure that all residue has been removed, we recommend performing a foam test. Foam Test: Rub the top after rinsing. If foam appears, rinse the top again with water.

Step 4: Thoroughly mask off the convertible top. It is recommended to use a special paint masking tape. This is more resistant than regular masking tape and leaves no adhesive residue on the top.

Step 5: COLOURLOCK Soft Top Fresh is suitable for dyeing the top. Shake COLOURLOCK Soft Top Fresh well before use and mix 300 ml with 2% COLOURLOCK Crosslinker. The COLOURLOCK Crosslinker ensures that the dye lasts longer and is resistant to water.

Step 6: Dye the convertible top with the mixed COLOURLOCK Soft Top Fresh. To achieve the most uniform and opaque result, it is recommended to divide the top into several sections and dye each section separately. This ensures that no area of the top is left untreated. Work COLOURLOCK Soft Top Fresh into the top with the COLOURLOCK Cleaning Sponge. For a large top and two coats, we recommend using 1L of COLOURLOCK Soft Top Fresh. Using too little material will result in an uneven and patchy appearance. Allow the top to dry thoroughly after dyeing.

Step 7: To ensure that the dye lasts long and the top is protected from weather conditions, it should be treated with COLOURLOCK Impregnation. Spray the impregnation onto the top and work it in thoroughly with the COLOURLOCK Cleaning Sponge. To ensure optimal protection, allow the impregnation to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

Kit Contains;

1 x Cabrio Soft Top Fresh Dye - Black - 1 Litre 

1 x Convertible Top Cleaner (Fabric) - 500ml

1 x Convertible Top Waterproofing Spray - 500ml

1 x Crosslinker/Hardener with syringe - 50ml

1 x Cleaning Brush

3 x Application Sponges

1 x Microfiber Cloth

1 x Storage Bag