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Colourlock Leather Degreaser for Leather, Vinyl & Alcantara


Degreaser is used in various situations for the effective removal of oils, fatty deposits and grease. The degreaser is a solvent-free product, yet powerful and gentle to the surface. It does not dissolve the colour and is therefore excellent for degreasing all types of leather as well as vinyl, artificial leather and Alcantara 

 The COLOURLOCK Leather Degreaser is ideal to degrease and clean fatty stains on armrests, headrests of leather furniture, sofa suite, settees, car seats, jackets, handbags, etc. It is also very effective to clean greasy stains on Alcantara. Stains that have penetrated the surface and have remained for a long time cannot always be completely removed. We recommend treating leather with this product before the application of leather dyes or carrying out leather repairs. Removing oils from the surface ensures good colour adhesion.

Before using the degreaser on Leather & Vinyl we recommend to first clean with Colourlock leather cleaner to remove surface dirt and soiling. 

Application instructions: Moisten a clean, soft cloth slightly with the Leather Degreaser and clean the greasy areas. Allow the leather to dry first in-between applications. Not every greasy spot can be removed completely! After cleaning with the degreaser, the leather will have to be protected with a care product again (Conditioner)

  • Degreasing agent to be used prior to repairing or colouring leather
  • Ideal to clean and remove light oil or grease stains from armrests or headrests in furniture and cars
  • Ideal for use on Alcantara to remove grease stains. Can also be used on suede and nubuck furniture to remove grease or oils.
  • For degreasing oily, sweaty jacket collars prior to washing or general use
  • Perfect for Alcantara steering wheels, we recommend to first remove dirt and soiling using Colourlock Fabric and Alcantara Cleaner - then use cleaning spirit to remove those stubborn remaining oil impregnation's. 

Made in Germany