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Colourlock Leather Preserver, Museum Formula


 Colourlock Leather Preserver - Museum formula

  • Water-repellent and reduces the possibility of mould growth (perfect for convertibles, damp environments etc)
  • Synthetic vegan fat, free of plant or animal ingredients
  • Excellent restorer and care for older Nappa leathers especially Classic and Vintage Cars with chrome tanned leathers which typically have a more glossy surface than modern vegetable tanned leathers
  • Refreshes leather and protects it from water whilst still keeping the material breathable
  • UV Filters protect from sun fading 
  • Safe to use, does not darken leather or alter the colour and prevents premature ageing.
  • It is applied after leather was cleaned with Colourlock Leather Cleaner. Just apply to the leather surface, allow it to absorb in for a while then wipe off the residue from the surface with a clean soft microfiber cloth

Made out of 100% synthetic fat, it is acid free, odour neutral and free of vegetable or animal fats. Museums around the world use this unique recipe to protect and preserve old and valuable leather. It guards the leather against mould or bleaching, conditions the surface while waterproofing it at the same time.

Normal liquid leather care products only contain a minimum quantity of fat in order to improve the products storability but on the other hand also compromising the products restoring and softening characteristics which are essential: Leather as a natural material requires feeding and - even if it is known to be a very durable material - it has to be fed with it on a regular basis. It is safe to be used even on delicate Nappa leathers and classic/vintage car leathers

Excellent to fight dry squeaking leathers, too: Whilst moving on the leather rubbing or squeaking noises can be heard and felt due to friction between your clothing and the leather surface, after application with leather preserver your clothing will glide smoothly without rubbing and reducing wear to your leather surfaces.

Perfect for use on Motorcycle leathers and panniers exposed to the elements.

Ideal for the care of leather which is exposed to the weather (Convertibles), or for conserving dry or antique leather. Cars which are in long term storage will benefit greatly as well as used cars with neglected leather that need a boost.

Made in Germany