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Colourlock Leather Shield Clean and Protect Kit


Application area: New car or furniture leather upholstery.

Soiled leather should be thoroughly cleaned in advance. This prevents dirt sticking to the leather when applying COLOURLOCK Leather Shield. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush effectively removes ingrained dirt (use circular motion in all directions for better results) - not included in this kit.

New leather should be treated with our COLOURLOCK Leather Shield within the first three years to protect it against traces of wear and abrasion, as well as discolouration from clothing (dye transfer). The driver's seat (entry bolsters of sports seats and high support cushions) usually begin showing typical signs of wear over the first three years. Leather Shield will prevent this. For best results apply leather shield every 6 months on high traffic areas (Driver seat, steering wheel, gear shift knob, hand brake levers etc) and once per year on all other areas.

The amount is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior or a whole set of furniture multiple times.

Leather Cleaner

The Leather Cleaner comes in a foam dispenser bottle. Foams clean the leather more efficiently than liquid agents, the consumption is considerably smaller and the leather does not become wet, which could otherwise lead to hardening after drying.

The Leather Cleaner gently cleans the leather. Apply some foam on the Cleaning Sponge and proceed with cleaning. Remove dirty foam residue with a slightly moistened cloth.

Leather Shield

The COLOURLOCK Leather Shield provides protection for all automotive pigmented leathers and soft natural nappa leather surfaces. The Shield prevents rapid wear and discolouration from clothing due to its anti-friction properties and will prevent staining or discolouration from liquid spills etc. Moisten a terry cloth slightly with Leather Shield and apply to all exposed leather surfaces.

These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!

Made in Germany