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Colourlock Odour Remover for leather, plastics and fabrics 250ml


Some smells can be eliminated easily with our COLOURLOCK Odour Remover, and some are impossible to neutralize, even with a specialized product. Usually, cigarette, animal and urine odours are simple to remove; urine only becomes a problem when it has seeped into the leather multiple times and over a longer time span. Mildew can only be treated easily provided the padding under the leather is not affected. This is generally only the case when the leather has been stored inappropriately, even for just a short time. 


Clean all affected surfaces thoroughly before use. Spray evenly on the surface and spread with a cloth. Important: Be sure to treat all faces and folds of large cushions (including the reverse), as well as any spaces between cushions. If applicable, repeat treatment, then let the items air out for several days.

Try to get into all crevices and hidden areas where possible.

Made in Germany