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Colourlock Steering Wheel Restoration Kit - Black


 For the complete and permanent restoration of your leather or vinyl steering wheels to OEM standards.

  • Ideal kit for re-colouring and restoring old or worn black leather or artificial leather steering wheels.
  • Suitable for repairing minor scratches and scuffs and areas where colour is worn away or discoloured and degraded.
  • Easy to use and apply. All instructions included
  • For badly damaged or pitted leather choose the Colourlock Steering Wheel Kit with leather filler.

Kit Contains;

  • 30 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild
  • 30 ml COLOURLOCK Degreaser
  • 30 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Black
  • 30 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Shield
  • 15 ml COLOURLOCK Leather Preserver
  • 1 x sanding pad
  • 3 x sponges and 3 x viscose cloths

Leather steering wheels are exposed to a lot of moisture, grease from skin, cosmetic creams and sunlight. Sweat is especially damaging. The colour softens and rubs off or the leather cracks. Regular cleaning with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner will prevent damage, while applying COLOURLOCK Leather Shield will protect the surface.

Steering wheels are in daily use. Due to frequent contact with moisture, sunlight and creams they wear out quickly or become greasy. Hand sweat and skin oils are particularly aggressive against the leather. The reason: leather is an open-pored material into which hand perspiration, skin fats and moisture can gradually soak. This makes the leather brittle, the colour softens and the leather rubs off. In some cases, cracks even appear as a result of wear.

The COLOURLOCK leather repair set for black steering wheels is the solution. The bestseller from Germany is now also available in Australia - with an improved formula and solvent-free!

This kit includes everything you need to re-colour 'Black' steering wheels. Small scratches and areas where colour has worn off can be refreshed. It is easy to use and all instructions are included in the kit.

For other colours please visit www.colourlockaustralia.com.au

Made in Germany

Instructions for use;

  1. carefully mask off all areas of the steering wheel that are not to be treated with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.
  2. Apply COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild to one of the enclosed sponges and clean the steering wheel thoroughly. Several cleans may be necessary.
  3. Then apply COLOURLOCK Degreaser to a cloth and wipe over the surface to degrease the leather removing old sweat, body oils and impregnated oils.
  4. Rough spots, scratches, abrasions or protruding leather edges can now be smoothed with the COLOURLOCK sanding pad. The excess sanding dust should then be removed with a cloth dampened with degreaser.
  5. Dab the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh "Black" carefully with the sponge or apply it to the steering wheel in circular movements. Then allow to dry completely or blow dry with a hair dryer or heat gun. This process can be repeated if necessary.
  6. After 24 hours, a thin layer of COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather preserver can be applied. It cares for the steering wheel and gives the leather a natural shine. The COLOURLOCK Elephant leather grease is mostly used for old steering wheels. This step can also be omitted for new steering wheels. 
  7. After another 24 hours, put COLOURLOCK Leather Sealer on a cloth and apply it gently to the steering wheel to protect the surface from new dirt and abrasions.