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Colourlock Super Glue Remover for leather and vinyl

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Made in Germany 

Created to be effective on leather and plastics/vinyl.

Stains from accidental spills of super glue on leather, artificial leather or vinyl cannot be removed even when swift action is taken. Many cleaners and cleaning methods attack the leather's colour coating and leave marks. COLOURLOCK Superglue Remover is a special cleaner capable of removing super glue stains from pigmented nappa leather and artificial leather as well as hard plastics and vinyl.

Amount: 20 ml.

Close the bottle tightly after every use and keep out of the reach of children!

If the leather is dirty it should be cleaned first, from seam to seam, with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner.

Drip COLOURLOCK Superglue Remover onto a clean, soft piece of cloth and test first in an invisible area for colour changes or emergence of spots. Rub carefully on the stain until the glue comes off. Do not rush the process as it takes some time for the chemical to dissolve the superglue. So rub gently over several multiple attempts and remove the glue slowly until gone. For older stains you may need to allow the remover to soak in for a while, then repeat as necessary. Only rub the area when it is wet and allow to dry out between applications. If the surface becomes too sticky, you run the risk of rubbing off the leather's pigment layer. Wipe the area with a damp cloth, allow to dry then start again.

Finally, protect the treated area with COLOURLOCK Leather Shield. In the event of any colour discolouration, use COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh. Dye