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Colourlock Top Life - Leather Protection "DIY Version"


TOP Life is the latest new generation long term protection for genuine Nappa leather, imitation leather, vegan leather and vinyl made by the leather experts at Colourlock / Lederzentrum in Germany.

Each kit can complete multiple automotive interiors or lounge chairs and offers unmatched protection in our industry today.
Available in DIY home user version and professional versions.

Note: Pro version is only available through Colourlock Trained Automotive Detailers and Leather repair specialists or furniture professionals.
  • It is a finishing topcoat (clearcoat) compatible with all OEM leathers
  • Completely breathable and allows conditioners to penetrate.
  • The DIY version can be applied with a sponge (for end user customers) or sprayed with an airbrush if available.
  • The professional version must be sprayed!
  • It does not change the gloss level or appearance of the surface
  • It offers the best protection on the market today
  • Protects against premature wear and tear and abrasions due to the anti-friction properties and additives 
  • Protects against liquid spills / staining
  • Protects against dye and denim transfer
  • It has up to 12 months service life on high traffic areas (Driver seat) and much longer on all other areas.
  • Leaves a silky soft smooth finish to the leather.
  • Contains special anti-soiling additives to keep your leather cleaner for longer and easier to clean if needed. The same additives are made by Colourlock for the leather industry and is currently used by Porsche, BMW and the Volkswagen / Audi group and other automotive manufacturers in the production of their leather.
  • 150 ml TOP Life Prepare
  • 150 ml TOP Life Coating
  • 1x Application sponge
  • 1x Microfiber cloth


The surface must be clean. If the surface is not clean, use COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner Mild to thoroughly clean all surfaces, i.e. leather, imitation leather and plastics.

Then, using COLOURLOCK TOP Life Prepare and the yellow microfiber cloth, thoroughly wipe over all surfaces (leather, imitation leather, and plastics) that are to be protected.

As soon as the surface is dry, apply COLOURLOCK TOP Life Coating thinly and evenly with the application sponge. Take small sections and apply COLOURLOCK TOP Life over the entire surface without gaps.

Allow COLOURLOCK TOP Life to dry for 2 hours at an ambient temperature of at least 15 °C.

The vehicle can be used immediately, but full protection will not take effect until after 48 hours. Apply conditioning products or other liquids to the surface only after one week.

Cleaning recommendation:
  • Wait until 8 days after the final coat before cleaning!
  • Use Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner with a cleaning sponge
Made in Germany