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Colourlock Ultra Narrow Masking Tape - 5mm wide (66 meters long)


Special heat resistant masking tape for those intricate masking jobs.

When re-colouring leather that has stitching threads in contrasting colour it is important to protect the stitching from absorbing the new colour. This tape is heat resistant to enable you to dry your colour with a heatgun without melting the tape. This tape is only 5mm wide, the perfect width for covering stitching in leather, make sure the tape covers the stitching entirely so that the dye cannot leech under the tape and stain the stitching.

Many uses;

  • Masking leather stitching
  • Masking plastics and vinyls
  • Mask thin rubbers
  • Mask thin edges
  • Heat resistant for use with heat guns
  • Extra long - 66 meters in length per roll but only 5mm wide
  • Low Tack adhesive

Made in Germany