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Apex Customs Clarity Coarse Cutting Compound - 500ml

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Cutting compound


  • Removes P1500 sanding marks and finer
  • Low dust formulation
  • No fillers or waxes
  • Silicone-free (bodyshop safe)

Perfect for:

  • Dust nibs
  • Orange peel
  • Paint runs
  • Deep scratches

Instructions: Work on a cool surface in shade. Shake well. Always work in a 40cm x 40cm area.

Application: Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops to a cutting pad. Start on a low-speed setting with the polisher to prime the pad and surface. Dial the speed up and guide the polisher on the surface and allow the weight of the polisher and compound to do the work. Work area in 3-4 passes until compound becomes clear. Remove residue with a clean microfibre cloth.


  • Decontaminate the surface prior to beginning any polishing/compounding
  • Do not over-saturate the pad with polish
  • Clean pads frequently with compressed air or if not available, ensure fresh pads are on hand.
Made in Germany