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Apex Customs DA Polisher Carbon Brushes (Pair) and threaded end caps


Replacement carbon brushes and threaded end caps for the Apex Customs DA machine Polishers. 

These carbon brushes are a common replaceable item that wears out with use over time. As good practice always carry a spare set of carbon brushes to ensure  you have a set handy to replace worn out ones when the machine starts to emit sparks or when you notice the performance deteriorating. 

Carbon brushes with automatic stop (Sensei Plus) have a spring through the length of the carbon brush. When the carbon brush wears out, the spring gets released, the current to the carbon brush gets interrupted and your power tools switches off at once. The advantage: No additional wear and tear to your power tool.

Also available are the threaded end caps that cover the springs, remove the end caps to gain access to the carbon brushes.