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Colourlock Glue-Tex Leather Repair Patch - Self Adhesive


COLOURLOCK Glue-Tex is a modern and innovative solution to repairing rips, holes and tears in leather.

Glue-Tex replaces the traditional method of manually gluing a backing cloth to the underside of the leather with a traditional glue. 

The repair patch adds strength and structure to your leather - the patch has a pre-adhesive built into one side, all you need to do is cut the required size and place the glue side on the underside of the leather through the rip or hole, then use a heat gun to warm the area - the heat will activate the glue. Once the bond has taken place you can fill your hole, rip or tear with leather filler to complete the repair.

  • Ideal kit to repair rips, tears and holes in leather
  • Using the repair patch helps to stabilise the damage and provide strength to the repair.
  • Damages which have a hole or leather missing will need to be filled and coloured after repair. 
  • Please order filler and dye separately.

Made in Germany