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Flex AP18/5.0 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack - 18V 5.0Ah

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FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery is a lithium-ion high capacity battery used with the FLEX Cordless Polishers. Using advanced technological advancements, the FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery uses a Phase Change Material (PCM) to keep the battery cool while working, as well as extending the working time and overall battery life. The Electronic Management System (EMS) provides protection to both the battery and the tool and lead to higher efficiency.

Features and benefits:

  • 5.0 Ah
  • 18 volts
  • Weight 0.72kg
  • Integrated charge and discharge protection
  • Fuel gauge
  • Dust/water splash protection: IX6
  • Li-Ion cells
  • Intelligent electronic management system to control working process
  • Phase-change material for head management

 Suitable for:

  • FLEX XFE 15 150 Cordless DA random orbital polisher
  • FLEX XCE 8-125 Cordless random orbital polisher with positive-action (Forced Rotation)
  • FLEX PE15018 Cordless Rotary Polisher