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Platinum Potions "Revitalise" for Helmets, Riding Gear and Motorsports Apparel 125ml

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Premium Deodorising Revitaliser Spray

Platinum Potions "Revitalise" for helmets, riding gear and Motorsports Apparel 125ml

The Scent: A masculine, aquatic like perfume with soft floral hints of geranium & neroli. 

Crafted carefully for months, then beta tested with motorsports fanatics. We finally introduce a proper premium deodorising air freshener specially for the motorsports industry than can be used in helmets, shoes, gloves, back packs, jackets, pants & suites that are internally lined with any type of fabric, including all technical grade fabrics. Heck even your undies if you are game enough!

A single 125ml bottle yields 420+ sprays.

Revitalise contains Anti-Bacterial ingredients to eliminate bacterial odours right down to the molecule level & also has a dose of Anti-Microbial ingredients that can help stop the growth & development of mould in fabrics.

Best of all its skin safe when used as directed!

Note: After spraying wait 2 to 3 hours before wearing helmets or apparel