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Refract Car Care “Fury and Storm” Cleaning Gun Tornador

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 The Refract Car Care “FURY and STORM” Cleaning Gun (RCC-0200F/S) releases a mist of cleaning solution in combination with a powerful pulsing and twisting action to lift dirt and grime from vehicle interior and exterior surfaces.

With its powerful rotating velocity tube, the Fury and Storm Cleaning Gun quickly and easily takes the hard work out of vehicle detailing.

  • The unique, high quality designed Aluminium tube is encased in a high-speed Japanese bearing assembly that is driven by compressed air. That air creates the twisting “Fury” effect and the adjustable ball valve allows a variable suction of cleaning solution which creates the powerful cleaning mist “Storm”.
  • Quickly and easily clean, door jambs, headliners, plastic dash components, wheels, tyres and engine bays.
  • This multifunctional cleaning gun can even be turned into a powerful carpet and upholstery extraction tool (Attachment Available Separately Part No ATCB-2014BS).
  • Simply pull the trigger and watch as the dirt is lifted. Use the brush head to agitate more stubborn stains and then wipe the lifted dirt and grime with a soft microfiber towel. Close the liquid ball valve and use the compressed air function to dry. It’s that simple. Use the Fury and Storm Cleaning Gun on dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, upholstery, carpets, floor mats for a safe and fun alternative to less effective traditional methods.
  • Can be used Dry or Wet. Drive dirt dust and debris out of Air Vents, center consoles and hard to reach areas

For exterior surfaces, use the Fury and Storm to safely drive out dirt and grime from wheels, trims and emblems whilst also highly effective for door jams, engine bays and convertible tops!

  • The attached Cleaning Brush helps lift stubborn dirt and debris whilst the Trumpet Head allows for more focused cleaning.

Can even be used upside-down due to its weighted suction solution tube design and is a great tool for cleaning headliners The Refract Car Cleaning Gun must be used with an air compressor capable of producing a constant air pressure of at least 90 psi. Do not to exceed 90 psi in order to protect your Cleaning Gun from unnecessary wear.

  • We recommended using All Purpose Cleaner or suitable Cleaning Solution dependent on surfaces being cleaned
  • We recommend utilizing a suitable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning solution when using the optional Extraction Kit 
  • Hot or Cold water may be used

Removes dirt, dust and grime from vehicle surfaces in seconds

  • Air Driven Vehicle Detailing Cleaning Gun
  • Fast and Impressive results
  • Heavy Pulsing and Twisting action
  • Designed for all Interior and Exterior vehicle surfaces
  • High Speed Aluminium Velocity Tube
  • High Quality Japanese NSK bearings
  • The Professional Detailers Secret Weapon
  • Patent Design
  • Australian Owned and Operated


  • 1 litre liquid capacity
  • Brush Head and Cone attachments
  • Soft rubber hand grips
  • Silicone suction tube with stainless steel weight and filter
  • Extra Screw lid to store excess cleaning liquids
  • Adjustable Air and liquid regulator
  • 2 x 180 Degree Swivel Ball Type Air Line Adaptors
  • Carpet and Upholstery Extraction Kit Compatible (ATCB-2014BS)