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Festool Plug-it Cable - Heavy Duty and extra long 7.5m

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 Item No. 203919 Festool Genuine Part for the Rotex forced rotation polishing machines and the Festool sanders.


It takes only a few seconds to change the power cable on a Festool tool, because almost all tools are equipped with the plug-it system and all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect. This saves valuable time and prevents you from spending time searching for the right power cable. It also eliminates dangerous obstacles because the same cable is used for each tool.

This is the extra long 7.5m version, heavy duty cable.

Compatible Tools:

  • RO 90 FEQ ROTEX Random Orbital Sander/Polisher
  • RO 125 FEQ ROTEX Random Orbital Sander/Polisher
  • RO 150 FE, FEQ ROTEX Random Orbital Sander/Polisher

  • TS 55 Saw CMS Module Holder
  • DF 500 DOMINO Joining Machine Plus
  • DF 700 DOMINO XL Joining Machine
  • LHS 225 EQ PLANEX Long Reach Sander Plus
  • LS 130 EQ Linear Sander
  • MFK 700 EQ/B Laminate Trimmer Plus
  • OF 1010 W Plunge Router Plus
  • OF 1400 W Plunge Router
  • OFK 500 Q Laminate Trimmer Plus
  • OFK 700 EQ Laminate Trimmer
  • PS 300 Barrel Grip Jigsaw
  • PS 420 Barrel Grip Jigsaw
  • PSB 300 D Handle Jigsaw
  • PSB 420 CARVEX D Handle Jigsaw
  • RS 100 CQ 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander
  • TS 55 160 mm Plunge Cut Saw Plus
  • TS 75 210 mm Plunge Cut Saw Plus
  • DTS 400 REQ Iron Head Orbital Sander
  • ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander
  • RTS 400 REQ 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander


Made in Germany