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Festool Soft Interface pads for wet sanding or damp sanding 75mm, 125mm or 150mm

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 Soft interface pad for wet/damp sanding delicate surfaces such as profiles and contours. The lightweight foam adapts to curves and contoured surfaces delivering a consistent finish. All Festool pads are designed with dust extraction as a primary consideration, so you can work cleaner, produce a better finish and significantly extend the life of your abrasives and pads. Festool pads feature the StickFix hook and loop Velcro design for quick and efficient abrasive changes, and enable re use of partially used abrasives.

The 15mm thick foam cushion ensures wet/damp sanding with your machines is safe when using Rupes X-Cut Pads, 3m Trizac or Denim Pads or Festool abrasives or wet sanding discs and eliminates "edge cut in" which will happen if you do not use interface pads. The interface pad fits between your machine and your choice of abrasive and acts as a shock absorber.