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Festool Tungsten Carbide De-nibbing Tool for Clear coats & Paint Run Remover - 497525

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 Denib paint with confidence using the Festool Tungsten Carbide blade tool! 

  • Spot repair tool targets removal of dust particles & inclusions trapped in the clear coat during spray painting.
  • Removes large spots of paint from overspray that cannot be removed with a clay bar
  • Two flat lateral edges allow scraping of larger areas and removal of paint runs
  • Hollow ground edge produces a sharp cut
  • Tool smooths uneven surfaces caused by trapped dust during the spray painting process
  • Carbide steel ensures long-lasting sharp edges
  • Two functions - Removal of dust nibs/inclusions and also removal of paint runs
  • Nylon chord serves a function as it allows you to use the tool at the correct angle to safely remove nibs.
  • Shave off unwanted paint to level touch up repairs after using touch up paint with a brush.
  • For use by spray painters and car detailing specialists

Festool Spot Repair Scraper targets pesky blemishes caused by dust and particles left behind from the spray painting process. A slight curve on the front blade reaches small defects without affecting surrounding areas.

Targets Small Blemishes for Removal

Festool Spot Repair Scraper eliminates those small blemishes that stand out when striving for a perfect finish. A slight curve on the front blade targets dust particles, dirt nibs, sags and runs, which quickly and simply eliminates the unevenness that imperfections cause on a surface, When you'd like to scrape a slightly larger area, simply use the two flat lateral edges on the tool. A hollow ground edge on scraper produces a sharp cut. This spot repair scraper comes with a threaded cord to provide the proper angle for working on high-gloss surfaces. 

A Quality, Long Lasting Tool

The blade is manufactured from durable, high-strength carbide steel to ensure long-lasting sharp edges that stay true for the life of the tool, which comes with a protective carrying case. Tool measures 25 x 30 mm.

Made in Germany