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FLEX Random Orbital Cordless Polisher 15mm Orbit : XFE 15 150 18.0-EC/5.0 Boxed Set

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The FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher features a 15mm long throw and makes correcting and polishing paint easier than ever.

The FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher, when powered by the 5 amp battery pack, can polish for up to 45 minutes of heavy use – more than enough time to polish 3 full panels! If you’re looking for more mobility, less hassle, and a painless polishing experience – it’s time to cut the cord – FLEX XFE15 150 Cordless Orbital Polisher.

The FLEX XFE15 150 comes with 2 18V Batteries to ensure no downtime between panels and the 150mm backing plate as standard! 

Technical Information:

  • Maximum polishing pad: 160mm
  • Maximum backing pad: 150mm
  • No load speed: 2,300 - 3,800rpm
  • Orbit rate, no load: 4,600 - 7,600opm
  • Orbit: 15mm
  • Battery voltage: 18 volt
  • Weight with 5 amp battery: 2.6kg
  • Weight without battery: 2.1kg

Made in Germany - 2 year warranty