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Koch Chemie Foam Micro-Cut Pad - 5 inch (125mm)

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The Koch Chemie Micro Cut Pad is a high-quality special sponge for removing fine scratches, holograms and polishing marks using the Micro Cut M3.02 and Micro Cut & Finish P3.01.

The short height of 23mm creates low torsion forces, very good handling and the highest level of stability.

The special density of the foam material enables long-lasting compression hardness during polishing. The optimized reticulation (open cellular structure) and cell count contribute to a high-shine finish and very good hygiene factors.

The milling edge ensures extra flexibility for the pads, enabling them to fit around contours easier.

The colorful non-woven material, suitable for polishing, ensures process safety.

    Technical Specification:

    • Depth: 23mm
    • Construction: Reticulated (open cell)
    • Abrasiveness: 5
    • Compression Hardness:10

    Made in Germany