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Swissvax LEATHER CARE KIT FORTE (Strong formula)


  • Everything you need for regular cleaning, conditioning and ongoing care for your leather.
  • Especially suited for older, heavily used, stained or lighter coloured leathers.
  • Thoroughly cleans and nourishes all leather surfaces with ease
  • Suitable for all automotive leathers including pigmented leathers, soft Nappa leather and semi-aniline leathers.
  • Comes in a free handy storage bag

Nearly all automotive leathers are surface coloured, so-called "pigmented" leathers. Swissvax leather cleaners are pH-neutral, highly effective yet gentle formulations containing biodegradable active ingredients. They can be safely used for regular cleaning of all pigmented leather surfaces

Swissvax Leather Cleaner is ideal for newer leathers and darker colours, Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte is the choice for older leathers, heavily used or light coloured leathers which tend to stain easily. The Strong leather cleaner Forte is very effective at removing stubborn stains including denim dye transfer stains from jeans or clothing when used together with the brush. Perforated leather should never be cleaned with too much moisture. Spray Leather Cleaners onto a sponge applicator, squeeze it to produce foam and then clean the perforated area(s) with it. Use a Swissvax Leather Cleaning Brush to remove dirt from the depths of the grain on non-perforated pigmented leathers.

Swissvax leather milk conditioner is enriched with Glycerine, vitamin E and UV protection filters to prevent premature leather aging and re-establishes and preserves the natural moisture balance of the leather without affect the leather's original colour and leaves no greasy residue or unwanted gloss.

Items Included in the Leather Care Kit Forte:

  • 1 - 250ml Leather Cleaner Forte (Strong or Mild)
  • 1 - 250ml Leather Milk, Conditioner
  • 1 - Swissvax Cleaning Brush
  • 1 - Cotton White Applicator Pad
  • 1 - Foam Cube cleaning sponge (For perforated leather)
  • 1 - Microfiber Towel - Yellow
  • 1 - Mini Storage Bag