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Swissvax MARINE PURE WOOD WAX (transparent varnishes)

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  • Swissvax Marine Pure Wood Wax with 47% (By Vol.) Grade 1 Yellow Carnauba Wax from Northern Brazil with built in natural UV stabilizer designed specifically to protect Wooden boats in the marine environment
  • Creates a water-repellent lotus effect on all wooden surfaces with a clear transparent marine varnish or lacquer
  • Lasting effect against dark deposits from rainwater thanks to the enrichment with PTFE Teflon
  • Easy wax application and removal is a trademark of Swissvax waxes, no streaking, no smearing and effortless for all boat owners as well as professional detailers with an amazing smooth glossy finish
  • Hand made in Switzerland by our master wax makers who have carefully blended this special wax formulation with oil and passion fruit extracts and PTFE Teflon
  • Wood is the oldest and most natural material used by the boatbuilding industry. Unlike fiberglass boats, wooden boats require more care and maintenance because wood can absorb or release moisture, making it either swell or shrink. As wood is working, paint and wood coatings have to allow sufficient flexibility to sustainably protect the wood from moisture and rotting. 
  • With 47% of Grade One Yellow Carnauba wax from Northern Brazil and natural UV stabilizer it provides long-term protection for all marine wood surfaces with transparent varnish or lacquer, is economical and easy to use and has a lasting effect thanks to the enrichment with PTFE Teflon against dirt and dark deposits from rainwater. Swissvax Marine Pure Wood Wax produces impressive gloss and a durable self-cleaning water repellent lotus effect and will create a sensation on your wooden boat.

    Use after pre-treatment with Swissvax Marine Cleaner Fluids