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Swissvax KERAMIQ-9 SET - Solvent free ceramic coating kit


  • SWISSVAX analyzed the properties of spray ceramics for a long time and based on the results with the Aqua-Infused process developed the KERAMIQ 9 ceramic sealant. This production technique offers the special advantage that the Swissvax ceramic sealing can be used safely and efficiently by private car and bike owners and professionals.

    The result is extremely smooth and extremely water-repellent protected outdoor surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic or GRP - for 12 months!

    Thanks to KERAMIQ 9 , a fascinating beading behavior with self-cleaning and self-drying properties is achieved. SWISSVAX KERAMIQ9 extends the service life of painted surfaces treated and sealed with SWISSVAX polishes and waxes by several months.

  • Long-lasting beading behaviour for 12 months
  • No toxic vapours, no solvents and safe for private users
  • Can be used on all materials (paint, glass, plastic, wheel rims, GRP) and can therefore be applied without the need for any preparatory masking work
  • Kit Contains preparation fluid 250ml and Ceramic Coating Spray 250ml as well as the necessary cloths needed to prepare and apply.
  • Compatible to be used with all existing Ceramic coatings as a top up and surface enhancer to extend the life of your existing paint protection
  • Easy to apply for anyone with or without experience.