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NexDiag Digital Paint Measuring Gauge - ADVANCED (With Reporting Functions)

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Nex PTG - Advanced - For Pro Detailers, Panel & Paint Shops and enthusiasts

High quality European made Digital Paint Thickness Measuring Gauge, this new generation intelligent gauge outperforms all other gauges. It can store 2,000 measurements in its memory and can create and print measurement reports in full colour within minutes. It can measure up to 2,200 microns of paint on several types of substrate - Steel, Aluminium and Zinc Plated/Galvanised Steel. 

The dynamic measurement probe takes 10 measurements per second for the most accurate readings within 1 Micron across all flat panels.

Incredibly easy to use for professional detailers, panel shops, paint shops, and car enthusiasts. Instant easy to read measurements in full colour directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Measures and identifies Steel, Aluminium and Zinc Plated / Galvanized Steel Substrates

✅ Suggests where multiple paint layers may be present

✅ Suggests where filler may be present

✅ Connects to your phone by Bluetooth 4.0 LE for clear readings in full colour

✅ Creates and prints full colour reports showing all measurements on each panel with an overview/outline picture that you can select (Hatchback, Coupe, Wagon, SUV etc)

✅ Reports are in full colour, very detailed and professional, you can also use the reports for quoting jobs and you can insert your business logo into the reports for that personal touch

✅ Take screenshots on your phone for instant sharing of images and measurements

✅ Higher level of accuracy compared to standard gauges (Takes 10 measurements per second) with accuracy of less than 1 Micron

✅ Measuring range from 0 - 2,200 microns

✅ Black coloured casing/body with internal memory for up to 2,000 measurements

✅ Incorporates photographs of paint defects into the reports for you

✅ Takes single point measurements, or switch to continuous mode and see readings in real time as you move the gauge across the panel

✅ Instantly send reports to your customers by e-mail, text message, FB messenger or WhatsApp - or send directly to your printer.

✅ Easy simple calibration - automated.

✅ Compatible with all IOS, Android and windows smartphones, just download the Free App.

This Advanced Gauge comes with calibration tiles, 2 x pre-installed batteries and full 12 month warranty in Australia.