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OPTiX All Trim - Vinyl, Rubber, & Plastics Restorer/Conditioner


OPTiX All Trim is a water-based rubberised dressing that is designed for use on rubber seals, hoses, tyres, vinyl and plastic. This is a quality product that will enhance the look of your exterior or interior plastic, vinyl and rubber goodies. Make your exterior, interior and your engine bay look brand new with OPTiX All Trim!

What To Use All Trim For:

  • To freshen up your vinyl, rubber and plastic goodies.
  • Can be used for rubber seals, hosing, tyres, plastic and vinyl.
  • Make your tyres pop.
  • Make your trims look brand new.
  • Get that desirable new engine bay look.

Interior and Exterior Detailing

Most cars have plastic exterior trims around the car, whether it be around the rocker panels or the fenders. With guarantee, eventually those trims will fade to more of a light grey than a dark grey or black. All Trim will not magically restore the trims to that amazing new look permanently but it will as long as you look after your car, wash it and apply All Trim frequently. There are so many places you can apply it to such as the wheel-arch liners, the walls/face of your tyres, bumpers, roof racks and more!

Engine Bay Detailing

A lot of the older cars nowadays unless maintained regularly, look aged, dusty and dirty. If you wash the engine bay and let it dry, All Trim will be a great product to apply to the plastics and rubbers within the bay. It can make an aged engine look brand new depending on the effort you put in to detailing it.

Get To Know All Trim

OPTiX All Trim is a water-based rubberised dressing. All Trim is not solvent-based so it will not float and unlike other products which have been thickened, it will not splatter when sprayed as well as it being thin it will coat better. It can be removed with soapy water. 

How To Use It:

  1. Spray All Trim on to your choice of an applicator pad.
  2. Wipe onto the surface you want to treat.
  3. For a glossy finish; apply a thick coat and leave. For a semi-gloss finish; apply a medium coat and allow to dry. For a satin/matte finish; apply and allow to dry then wipe lightly with a microfiber cloth.
  4. For a better application without residue, wipe lightly with a microfiber cloth.

    OPTiX is fully owned in Australia and made in Australia