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OPTiX Candy POP SiO2 Paint Coating



Candy POP is a true glass coating being pure SiO2. This thicker glass coating solidifies after applied just like OP888 and OP1.

The benefits of using OPTiX Candy POP are,

  • Ease of application with good working time of up to 3 minutes
  • Thickness per application is up to 30% thicker than OP888 and OP1
  • Wet gloss that looks thicker.
  • A super smooth finish to touch once cured for the whole year
  • Fatter beads, nearly double the water bead size of OP888 & OP1
  • Easy to remove
  • Candy POP can be applied directly to the surface without a base coat
  • Creates extreme colour saturation of the surface applied to.

Candy POP pure glass coating is manufactured in Japan and bottle in Australia. All packaging materials are sourced from Australian businesses.
Candy POP can not be layered, it is a top coat layer within the OPTiX coating system just like OP1.
Candy POP can be applied over OP888 to form the most luxurious show winning finish within the OPTiX coating system (Candy POP can be applied over multiple layers of OP888)
Candy POP is a soft coating, once Candy POP is cured it forms a solid form that is glass like and feels hard. Even though it feels hard Candy POP is actually a very soft coating when compared to OP888.
Candy POP will last 1 to 2 years on a daily driven vehicle and offers the least amount of protection compared to OP888 & OP1 but offers a colour saturation, wetness level and beading performance that is out of this world.
Candy POP is already fantastic on its own, even better is the OPTiX Candy POP PRO, an OPTiX coating system that offers the best of both worlds for the die hard car enthusiast.

OPTiX is fully owned in Australia and made in Australia