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OPTiX Final Boost (Hydrophobic Spray After Wash)


OPTiX Final Boost (Hydrophobic Spray After Wash)

OPTiX Final Boost is a brilliant, incredibly easy-to-use, ready-to-use hydrophobic after wash spray. A quick application of this amazing product will result in enhanced gloss/shine, added protection to your waxes, coatings and/or sealants as well as add great hydrophobic properties to the surface of the paint.

What Final Boost Is Used For:

  • To add hydrophobic properties to surfaces.
  • Enhance gloss and shine.
  • Add protection and prolong the life of your ceramic coating, waxes and/or sealants.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use after wash.

Hydrophobic Properties

A quick and easy application of OPTiX Final Boost will result in hydrophobic properties on the surface of your paint. Final Boost will repel water off the surface where it is applied, the user should notice immediate sheeting of water as well as beading. This repelling of water will help minimise water spots, and will make using a drying towel or blow-drying easier.


As well as water repelling, OPTiX Final Boost will enhance the protection on your car and gloss/shine. If you are someone who uses a wax or sealant, you will be pleased to know that this can more than double the life of your waxes and sealants if maintained regularly. On top of your waxes and sealants, Final Boost will enhance the deep gloss/shine, more prominently on paint that is looked after.

Body, Windows and Wheels

Final Boost can be used on not only your paint, but your windows and wheels as well and will add the same affect to all areas. Coating wheels isn't a common job, nor are windows, however if they have been coated before, this will be a great product to maintain your coating. It will still provide the lovely water beads to your wheels or windows.

How To Use It:

Fine Mist
  1. Complete a normal exterior wash; spray the car down, clean wheels, use wash mitt and shampoo on rest of the car, rinse everything.
  2. Turn the Final Boost trigger nozzle to a fine mist.
  3. Make sure car is still reasonably wet.
  4. Spray 1-5 times of fine Final Boost mist on each panel, window and wheel.
  5. Once Final Boost is applied to the whole car, rinse the whole car down with water.

Caution: If applying Final Boost in the sun on a hot day, spray 1-3 panels at a time and rinse off then repeat until the whole car is done.

Alternative: You can apply Final Boost to a dry car, just spray 1-3 panels and wipe with a microfiber cloth. However it is recommended to use it when the car is soaked.

Hose Dispenser
  1. Complete a normal exterior wash; spray the car down, clean wheels, use wash mitt and shampoo on rest of the car, rinse everything.
  2. Pour 30-60mL of Final Boost into your hose dispenser mixing canister.
  3. Spray the Final Boost and water mix over the whole car.
  4. Rinse off again with only water.
  5. Dry the vehicle.

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: Exterior, Windows and Wheels
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Sizes: 250mL, 1L & 5L
  • Comes with trigger