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OPTiX Foam Blaster Pro


OPTiX Foam Blaster Pro

With quick release adaptor

Change the way you wash your car with the OPTiX Foam Blaster Pro. Fill your cannon with high foaming shampoo and completely turn your vehicle into a mountain of suds. This will give you those Instagram photos everyone knows and loves. Clean your car in practicality and style.

What To Use It For:

  • Completely cover your car in foam.
  • Release dirt and grime.
  • Add shine to your vehicle.
  • Lubricate the surface for hand washing.
  • Make cleaning easier.

Cover Me In Sunshine

For a matter of a fact, the car after a snow foam session will cover your car so much so it won't see the light of day. Of course, this won't be all that you'll need. You will still want to grab yourself a bottle of car wash shampoo like the OPTiX Shampoo !

Bells and Whistles

This awesome cannon comes with handy features. It has a quick connection for easy connection or removal, 360° rotatable nozzle, 1.2L canister with measurements, a leak-proof design and does not require PTFE tape.

How To Use It:

  • Assemble your OPTiX Foam Blaster Pro.
  • Screw off canister to fill and dilute your shampoo in the canister.
  • Re-attach the canister.
  • Attach cannon onto the end of your pressure washer.
  • Cover your car in foam.