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OPTiX Graphene Wax

OPTiX Graphene Wax with a 49% wax blend brings gloss and protection to a new level at an even more affordable price. This wax offers great protection and excellent gloss at variety of viewing angles on older cars to newer cars for wax standards. OPTiX Graphene Wax accentuates the curves and angles producing that dreamy new car shine.

What To Use It For:

  • Enhancing gloss.
  • Add protection to your paint.
  • Make paint hydrophobic.

Show Car Shine With G-Wax

OPTiX Graphene Wax is a top quality product with excellent results that speaks for itself. Each 200mL tub of OPTiX G-Wax consists of a strong 49% blend of different waxes to create a diverse, high reflective gloss. It excels at 15°-30° viewing angles producing a mirror-like reflection.

What Makes It Better Than Standard Waxes?

OPTiX G-Wax can pride itself on having stronger protective properties as it is a thin yet incredibly strong substance with not to mention, incredible gloss. Graphene is highly durable as opposed to regular waxes as well as sealants, allowing to it to last longer than traditional waxes, saving you some money in the long term. OPTiX G-Wax can last up to 6 months with 1-2 coats, but for best results you should apply every 3 months which is convenient as it is a simple process.

How To Use It:

  1. Make sure you work in a cool, shaded area.
  2. Allow panels to cool down if hot.
  3. Acquire a foam or microfibre applicator.
  4. Dip applicator into wax tub and get a modest amount on your applicator.
  5. Apply wax in a circular motion over the entirety of each panel (can include chrome trims, headlights and taillights).
  6. Allow to sit on paint for 3-10 minutes.
  7. Grab a fresh plush microfibre cloth and buff of the wax and make sure there are no high spots (unbuffed wax).

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: Exterior
  • Applicable Surfaces: Paint, Chrome, Headlights, Taillights
  • Size: 200mL Tub
  • Product Form: Paste Wax
  • Product Type: Hybrid Graphene Wax
  • Comes with a foam applicator inside!