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OPTiX Grit Guard Washboard


OPTiX Grit Guard Washboard

The Grit Guard Washboard attaches directly to the Grit Guard wash screen to help scrub embedded dirt and grime right from the wash mitt so you can get the perfect scratch-free wash every time!

Use This To: 

  • Take your wash to new levels of dirt-trapping performance
  • Knock dirt and grime sideways
  • Scrub out every bit of dirt and sand from your wash mitt
  • Add extra scrubbing power to your wash bucket
  • Reduce the changes of picking up dirt
Designed For Better Car Washing
All those bits of dirt, grit, and dust that you pull of your dirty car act like sandpaper, grinding billions of tiny scratches into shiny clear coat that take on the appearance of swirls and spider webs that dull shine. The Grit Guard Washboard attaches directly to the Grit Guard Bucket Insert to help scrub dirt from car washing tools and then channel dirt directly to the bottom of your wash bucket.
Engineered For Solid Performance
Three simple pieces snap together to create the perfect, contoured shape to fit to the Grit Guard wash screen and your car wash bucket. The Washboard channels dirt straight down and underneath the Grit Guard Bucket Insert. Fluted edges on the snap fittings on the two legs increase friction and ensure a solid grip with the Washboard screen. The legs will not pull out, and the Washboard will always stay at the perfect angle of attack for taking dirt out of any filthy wash mitt.
How to use it
  1. Fill each car wash bucket with water, then place a Grit Guard Insert at the bottom of each bucket.
  2. Wash the vehicle with the premium microfiber wash mitt and soap.
  3. Rinse the mitt in the plain water bucket and wring it out on the ground before returning for more soap.
  4. Scrub heavy dirt and debris off the mitt directly on the Grit Guard.
  5. Rinse off the Grit Guard with fresh water before allowing time to air dry and storing for the next wash.