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OPTiX Iron Remover


OPTiX Iron Remover

Iron Removers are an ever-so growing popular product for the world of car detailing. When it comes to wheel cleaning, this iron decontaminator is one of those must-have products for your workshop or use at home. Iron Remover does exactly what it says, it removes/decontaminates ferrous metals that have been embedded into the paint.

What To Use Iron Remover For:
  • Is a pH-Neutral Formula
  • Iron Remover can be used on all wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome and glass.
  • Remove ferrous metal deposits
  • Neutralise reactions that cause rust and paint failure caused by hot brake dust particles
  • Add to the wheel-cleaning arsenal to remove tough/persistent brake dust and contaminants

Easy Visual Iron Removal

OPTiX Iron Remover is an extremely easy-to-use as well as ready-to-use product that is fast acting against iron contaminants and deposits. Once the Iron Remover is finely sprayed onto the surface you have applied it to, the iron catalyst will turn purple once the reaction is complete. This process takes no more than 30 seconds usually. Please refer to the How To Use It section for proper use.

Rust occurs when iron sediments react with oxygen when exposed with water/moisture. Iron Remover is a very practical product as it neutralises the bond and takes away the iron element from your wheels or paint therefore, stopping it from rusting if done correctly and frequently. Iron and Iron Oxide particles are jagged and uneven, paint to the eye looks flat to us however it is not. These jagged iron particles can very easily get stuck into the nooks and crannies of the paint etc.


Iron Remover is a good product to use followed up with a good clay bar service to ensure your paint is smooth and clean. This will aid in the process of having a nice surface to work with before an exterior detail and paint correction. It is safe to spray on paint so you can spray the whole car down and depending on the severity, the whole car might turn purple.


This product is pH-Neutral but it is advised that if you do get Iron Remover on your skin, that you wash it off with water immediately. It also has a very strong odour typical of these new generation iron removers.


How To Use It:

  1. Set the trigger nozzle to a fine mist before you spray.
  2. Simply spray a fine mist onto the area you want to decontaminate (try not to spray too much)
  3. Wait approximately 10-30 seconds for the iron catalyst to turn purple.
  4. Rinse off the area before the purple turns brown. The product is at its most effective stage when it is purple.

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: All wheel types, gloss paint, clear coat finishes, polished metal, chrome and glass.
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • pH-Neutral
  • We recommend using gloves and possibly a mask.