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OPTiX Shampoo / Snow Foam


OPTiX Shampoo (SiO2-Free Car Wash)

OPTiX Shampoo is a premium shampoo designed for the soft, gentle but effective washing and shampoo/snow foam on a regular basis. This shampoo creates a good thick foam and provides the necessary cleaning power for your car. The OPTiX Shampoo is a great, affordable car wash for the enthusiast, car owner or the professional car detailer.

What It Is Used For:

  • This product is a paint-safe shampoo.
  • Lubricates the wash mitt and paint.
  • Use as a handwash or use in your snow foam cannon
  • Gives a good shine and gloss.
  • Remove dirt and grime.

Scratch Prevention

OPTiX Shampoo is designed to prevent the scratching on your paint due to its high lubricity. However it is difficult to give a perfect result no matter the product. Take precautions to your wash mitts and drying towels for aging as they will have a greater chance to scratch the car when washing and drying.


This awesome shampoo will give you a great finish without leaving residues. The suds will wash straight off your car and will leave a clean finish.

Non-Invasive Formula

Like the OPTiX Matte Shampoo, this formula is non-invasive and harmless. It will give you great cleaning results without stripping any waxes, sealants or any SiO2-based coatings.

How To Use It:

  1. Wash the vehicle down (preferably with a pressure washer to remove excess dirt and grime).
  2. Fill a wash bucket with 15-20L of water.
  3. Pour 30-100mL of shampoo into the wash bucket.
  4. Use a wash mitt with solution to wipe and clean car.
  5. Every 3 or so panels rinse and clean the wash mitt, then dip into wash bucket and repeat until car is clean.
  6. Rinse down the car with a pressure washer or hose sprayer.
  7. Dry with a microfiber towel or blower.