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OPTiX Slim-line Foam Polishing Pad (Soft) White.


OPTiX White Slim-line Polishing Pad (Light)

The OPTiX Slim-line polishing pads are engineered for all paint types.

  • Heat dispersion centre cut hole of buff pad / polishing pad
  • Tapered edge design with extra over hang for safer polishing with these foam pads
  • Hook and loop backing polishing pad to suit most polishers
  • Dual action random orbital polisher & rotary polisher compatible
  • Remove light or heavy oxidation 
  • Remove deep or light swirls'
  • Remove deep or lights scratches
  • Remove marring & buff marks
  • Will polish to increase shine, gloss & clarity
  • Remove light stains & fall out contaminates
  • A simple system with wide applications
  • Quality and value

Available sizes:

  • 3 inch / 80-95mm
  • 5 Inch / 130-145mm
  • 6 Inch / 150-165mm


  • Effective removal of light oxidation

  • Better user control due to the S-line design

  • Removes light swirls & scratches

  • Refinement stage after a coarse stage

  • Polishes paint to increase gloss

  • Designed to be used with both rotary polishers and dual action random polisher


Manufactured by OPTiX.

OPTiX Nano Technologies is an Australian owned and ran business.