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Swissvax POLISHING-PAD STRONG Grey cutting pad


  • NEW range of premium quality polishing pads by Swissvax for those who demand perfection. Swissvax foam polishing pads are exceptionally durable and long lasting, can be cleaned and re-used many times and can be machine washed up to 60 degrees C after each use.  Swissvax polishing pads are prized amongst professional detailers for the perfect results they can achieve, especially when used together with Swissvax Professional polishing compounds - There are 4 pad types/colours in the range to choose from;

Grey = Foam Strong Cutting pad

Blue = Foam Medium Polishing pad

White = Foam Soft/Fine Finishing pad

Black = Foam Ultra Soft/Fine Finishing pad

  • Each polishing pad type/colour is available in 3 sizes to suit a variety of polishing machines - 85mm / 135mm / 165mm
  • The Swissvax GREY (Strong) polishing pad is a heavy cut pad in the Swissvax range, designed for the quick and effective removal of deep scratches and heavy swirl marks (Spiderwebbing), oxidisation and to recover heavily weathered surfaces on all colours and paints. Generates a quick and effective cut without introducing heavy micro-scratches which is typically common when using lambswool pads. For best results use with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional "Medium" or "Strong"
  • Best used for completing a heavy paint correction or heavy cut on older cars with heavily weathered paint to restore the surface to a fresh layer of underlying paint.
  • Note: After any heavy polishing/correction always follow up with a finish polish to remove hazing and holograms.
  • Perfectly suited for all Forced Rotation Machines, Dual Action Machines and Random Orbital Polishing Machines.

  • Safe and effective on all paint types achieving a flawless finish on modern clear coats (Including hard ceramic clears), direct gloss paints and older acrylic paints.
  • Swissvax Pads are premium quality with a velcro backing for fast and convenient pad changes, they feature innovative technology to ensure you achieve a flawless finish especially when combined with our advanced polishing compounds (Swissvax Cleaner Fluids Professional).
  • Designed by Swissvax to be the ultimate polishing pads for professional car detailers and enthusiasts alike.