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Swissvax PRE-CLEANER OPAQUE Pre-Cleaner For Satin/Matte Paint Finishes and wraps

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  • The matte effect of the surface is retained and revitalized
  • Pre-Cleaner spray specially developed for satin matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps or paint protection films
  • Easily removes embedded dirt, traffic film, resins,  fat, insect residues, fingerprints etc.
  • No impairment to the satin matt finish of the surface.

Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matt paintwork and will most likely cause damage. Please only use products which were specifically developed for matt paintwork like the Swissvax "Opaque" product line which will not damage the matt surface appearance. Swissvax Pre-Cleaner Opaque should be used before the first wax application and easily removes old wax and other residues and provides a smooth and perfect surface as an essential basis for the wax application.

It is only possible to achieve a perfect finish and long term protection if the paintwork is perfectly pre-treated - preparation is key.