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Swissvax PROTECTON Exterior and Interior Plastic & Vinyl Restorer/Conditioner


  • Nourishes, conditions and seals the surface of all kinds of plastics/vinyl found on the exterior and interior of automobiles, marine craft and motorcycles.
  • Contains UV filters to protect against sun damage
  • Restore the beauty in plastics - dedicated plastic and vinyl care formula providing a natural satin surface finish
  • Restore faded, greyed out and sun bleached plastics to the original factory look
  • Special Preservative formula enriched with precious oils replaces moisture that the plastic has lost and restores plastic parts to their original appearance
  • We recommend to pre-clean plastic surfaces with Swissvax Plastic Wash prior to first application, then apply "Protecton" with a soft foam applicator pad and allow the product to absorb into the surface for 10 to 15 mins. The wipe over with a soft clean microfiber cloth for the perfect streak and smear free finish.
  • This product, unlike many others on the market today, is not a dressing that sits on the surface, this will absorb into the surface to condition the material leaving no residues, smears or streaks and furthermore due to the non tacky results dust cannot adhere to it. Quality results guaranteed every time!

Plastic and vinyl parts in and on automobiles are exposed to various negative emissions that cause ageing of the material quite quickly and intensively. The most prominent among these emission factors are heat, frost, UV-radiation and the use of aggressive detergents. If you let your automobile stand in the sun for an hour or two and you will experience the heat that plastic is exposed to, the opposite is the case in winter. These emissions cause the plastic to lose moisture leading to discoloration and also cracking at a later stage.

For the care and protection of plastic and vinyl parts, Swissvax offers Protecton, a preservative product enriched with precious oils. It replaces moisture that the material has lost over time, frees solvents that are enclosed in the material and restores old plastic and vinyl parts to their original appearance and maintains new plastic parts in new condition for a very long time when applied regularly.

Swissvax Protecton provides a natural satin surface finish. If you prefer a non glossy finish please choose Swissvax "Protecton Matt"