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Swissvax QUICK FINISH OPAQUE, Spot Cleaner For Satin/Matte Paint Finishes and wraps


  • Quick detailing spray for spot cleaning satin matt paints, wraps and films
  • Effortlessly, efficiently but gently removes fingerprints, dust, grease, dirt or bird droppings - without requiring water.
  • Is absolutely safe for your wax finish and for all paint surfaces and leaves no residues, streaking or smears.

Conventional polishes, waxes and insect removers should not be used on matt paintwork and will most likely cause damage. Please only use products which were specifically developed for matt paintwork like the Swissvax "Opaque" product line which will not damage the matt surface appearance.

Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque was specially developed for satin matt paint finishes and is the quick paintwork cleaner. Just spray on and wipe off with a soft scratch free cloth (e.g Swissvax Micro-Fluffy towel)

Quick Finish Opaque is also your ideal and compact companion to carry in your automobile to always keep it in immaculately clean state and to be capable of removing harmful contaminations like bird-droppings or bug residues immediately once detected and before they manage to penetrate the sensitive paintwork.